Leadership and BlackBerry; two passions united.


Those of you close to me know that I am passionate about a few things in life. Two of my passions are Leadership and BlackBerry. Here and now I have found a way to incorporate these two passions into one post. Talk about #perspectivelead! I definitely was given a great new perspective on leadership and it was very awesome! I recently had the phenomenal opportunity to go to BlackBerry Live/Jam in Orlando, and as a BlackBerryElite member I was afforded some unique scenarios where I was able to talk with executives about the BlackBerry brand and how leadership within the revamped company helped to launch BlackBerry back into the spotlight. I wrote an article about my specific experience and you can check that out here. It may give you a little more insight into what being a BlackBerryElite member is along with the how amazingly fast paced each day was.

So to get back on track, BlackBerry and Leadership. How are they tied together? Simply put, without strong leadership there was a chance we could no longer even be discussing BlackBerry. It took some amazing transformational change, courage and trust in order to pull BlackBerry from what the media world was calling the smartphone abyss. It was appearing that the brand BlackBerry was becoming synonymous with terminology used in aging the devices and portraying them as irrelevant in the emerging consumer market.


Well, through it all, the BlackBerry faithful endured and were rewarded big time! With the launch of the built from the ground up operating system known as BlackBerry 10, the world was about to see what BlackBerry had been doing for the two or three years everyone was trying to write the company off as doomed. If BlackBerry Live/Jam was any indication of the strength of the BlackBerry brand, then BlackBerry is strong, relevant and emerging back into the consumer/corporate world as the future of mobile computing! One word, simple and yet immensely necessary, was, I believe, the catalyst to somersault BlackBerry back into the market; Leadership.


The CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, assembled an executive team and restructured the company in ways many initially thought were to salvage a company on the verge of extinction. His amazing leadership, in reality, was laying the groundwork for a future in BlackBerry that the world was not prepared for. Thorsten had vision, and he had the ability to get buy in from the members of the BlackBerry team through and through. Without that support, and the hard work needed to fulfill the vision, BlackBerry could have become a thing of the past.

So, I keep praising BlackBerry and its resurgence, but what about leadership? While I cannot directly talk to actual events inside the company, or specific incidents where I personally saw anything that gave me the inclination one way or another during the process, I can see the aftermath, and talk to the conversations I had, and one in particular, that proved to me that BlackBerry and Leadership were synonymous. I can also share my observations of employee interactions and treatment, and their attitudes toward the end users.  These things alone gave me enough in my mind to make the connection of what good leadership looks like versus some bad leadership that I have witnessed, concurrently but in a different industry, as well.

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I definitely think so much of what goes wrong can be attributed to two things; #attitude & #perspective. A bad attitude will pigeon hole your perspective and lead to you defending whatever it is at all costs. By having a positive attitude you are more comfortable in keeping an open mind and changing your perspective. This will inevitably lead to better understanding and solutions for everyone!

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Blackberry Z10 Wallpapers

An on again off again BlackBerry user refound that initial love with the new #Z10 and BlackBerry 10 operating system. She has actually stated how addicting using the future of mobile computing is! Enjoy some UH-MAZING #Z10 wallpapers that she went out and found!

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In the end, I realized I needed a new beginning…


If you watched the video above, and listened to the words, you will get what this post is all about. “The hardest part of ending, is starting again.” The thought that I have been holding on to something not even there, or that I was doing what I felt was right, but have learned to be wrong, fits why I have chosen to do some specific things with my squad at work. And not that I necessarily did anything wrong more than just not gaining the full perspective needed to ensure that even if ‘right’ in theory, I didn’t make a fool of myself because of the way I presented that ‘right’.

Confused? Me too. However, I have been slowly realizing I have to change something, Me! I have to end the fear and step out, I have to take that chance and be confident enough in myself to believe I can make a difference. I have to have hope, I have to care…and I have to be smart about the process.

Awhile ago (3 years now I believe), I spoke out and went through a horrendously bumpy ride that to this day, hasn’t ended. I thought by speaking out and voicing my opinion that I was doing the right thing. Even if I was, maybe I didn’t do it the right way. The Leadership Test, as learned while attending a performance management and leadership seminar presented by Gallagher-Westfall Group is this; “Am I doing the Right thing, at the Right time, in the Right way and for the Right reason?” Using that test to look back at the beginning of this bumpy ride, I would have to say I failed the Leadership test. But, that is part of developing; failing.

So, fast forward to today. I have graduated with my Master’s from Johns Hopkins University, Public Safety Executive Leadership program, I continue to yearn for more and have found myself gravitating toward groups, people and forums both virtual and real that exude the qualities I seek in myself in order to be a great leader. So, what steps have I taken? At first, not too much at all. I observed, listened, ask simple questions and learned all I could. I was finding myself to be more patient and understanding, and not as pushy in expressing my point of view. I still will catch myself not being effective, but the difference is that I catch myself now. 

Now to the beginning, and end. What has ended is my desire or belief that in order to affect any sustainable change I needed to go directly to the top with my proposals and identify all the reasons why my idea was the greatest thing ever. I forgot that change takes time, buy in and growth. It is a process and I wasn’t patient! My perspective began to change through the bumpy road, hence where my #perspectivelead on Twitter comes from. I clearly see now that I should have started slow, simple and easy and tested the waters a bit more before just diving in headfirst (I am just lucky that at this point it doesn’t appear I have any long lasting brain damage.)


I am now a supervisor and have four direct reports. I decided that I wanted to try just having an impact on this small group first. I was very apprehensive about taking the first step. Every one of them were seasoned veterans of the agency and knew their jobs. How was I going to even illicit a response let alone a full buy in or even voluntary participation!? Well, as a great friend and mentor told me, “If you don’t apply, you know you won’t get  the job.” WOW! This fits everyday life in about every way. If you don’t try, you will never know. The worst they can say is no… and on and on. It was a moment of clarity, and I finally sat down and typed out an email to my team and waited to see what would happen.

My ultimate goal is to grow trust through open and honest communication. I offered my team up a question; “What is just ONE word you would use to describe a good leader?” Going into the exercise, knowing with me there would be only five responses, I was very interested in what I would get back, if anything at all. To my amazement everyone answered back and half of them actually make a little get together to talk about their answers. To me that is a small success and something I am working on building from. I am going to share the responses now: Empowering, Empathetic, Confident, Devoted and mine was Perspective. One thought I immediately had was how encompassing these words were. It showed me that each of them actually took some time and specifically chose a word that covered a few traits all in one. Obviously leadership is all tied together with these words and an innumerable amount of other words, but I was very impressed still.

My next step was to ask them all to give me no more than two sentences to tell me WHY they chose that specific word. I have a scheduled get together for the end of the month to go over that, but I am hoping that my initial thought will be rewarded with some very insightful responses. I am excited about this new beginning. I feel like the steps I am taking are manageable yet with enough risk at this point to feel a strong reward when it works out successfully. Long and short of it all? Learn from your mistakes and see that ending as a new beginning. Take the lessons and turn them into a positive situation where you make a difference somewhere for someone.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and #leadon my friends! Remember, “If you don’t change it…you may miss it. #perspectivelead.”

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Four Leader Behaviors that Build—or Bust, Trust!

Blanchard LeaderChat

bigstock-hands-passing-the-batton-again-28459616In a new article for Fast Company, columnists Scott Blanchard and Ken Blanchard take a look at why some companies are successful in implementing change while others struggle.

They also look at why some leaders inspire people to work together effectively, while others cannot.

The pivotal ingredient in both cases?  Trust

Drawing from Ken Blanchard’s latest and brand new book, Trust Works! Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships (co-authored with Cynthia Olmstead and Martha Lawrence) Blanchard identifies four components that either build—or bust—trust with people.

The four attributes are:

  • Able—does the leader Demonstrate Competence
  • Believable—does the leader Act with Integrity
  • Connected—does the leader Care about Others
  • Dependable—does the leader Maintain Reliability

Blanchard identifies that, “The ability to build trust is a defining competency,” and he recommends that leaders take a two-step approach to evaluating their trustworthiness—beginning  with a self assessment.  To make this easier, Blanchard…

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Two Things Your Boss Should Never Have to Talk to You About

Leading with Trust

Tyler RoyA few weeks ago I was watching my son compete at a high school track meet when I ran into Tyler, a young man whom I had the pleasure of coaching in baseball a few years back. Tyler was there to cheer on his sister, a member of the opposing squad, and we caught up on how his baseball season was going. Tyler plays on his high school’s varsity team but isn’t getting quite as much playing time as he’d like.

I see Tyler fairly regularly, and since he still calls me “Coach,” I couldn’t help but offer some on-the-spot coaching to help encourage him. I said “Tyler, when I coached you I always appreciated that I never had to say anything to you about your effort and attitude. You always worked hard in practices and games, gave your best effort, and always displayed an excellent attitude with coaches and teammates…

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Are you an introvert? Me too…


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