Timing; seriously how is it so right!?

I received a book in the mail yesterday, a book that I honestly had forgotten that I had signed up to receive. The timing of receiving this book, however, is intriguing to me. I opened up the book, and on page 7, after the contents and everything, is a quote…

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

So, not only is the timing oddly appropriate, but the first thing I read is a dead on strike into how I feel in general about my life, and my career. I started this blog to express ideas I have specifically about leadership and said in my “It is time” post that I was on a journey of discovery and collaboration. Well, I have to say that life is going to dictate to me a little about how exactly this blog is going to go. I had attempted to blog before, but failed because I don’t think I was truly ready. I am now, and with life happening at breakneck pace, I feel I can’t get it all out fast enough.

First things first, the book I received. It is entitled “Thrive!” and it is by Linda Pulley Freeman. I took my first step today and truly am looking forward to the process. Recently, I have been reconsidering my faith, or more accurately, my lack of faith. Growing up I was thrown into Catholicism and appalled at the hypocrisy coming from the person proclaiming the religion to be so profoundly good. This person was everything the church said not to be, and in turn I became cynical toward religion, toward God. I think I have always felt there was something much bigger than me; I am not a firm believer in coincidence for instance. But, the pain I had as a child remained, and to go to a church for a wedding, a funeral or just a meeting, was terrifying for me.

With all the recent life changes I have been going through, I have come to realize that I must open up, I must become vulnerable again and find my true core, being, beliefs and dreams.  I had even been considering finding a church! “Thrive!” has arrived in my mail box at a time where my spirituality and faith is fully in limbo. I have allowed the ideas to come back into play, but have yet to actually utilize them. It is like having a capable player on your team that has let you down before, and now you are afraid to give them another chance. But part of being vulnerable, and open and even spiritual, is seeing past yourself and at that person and realizing, it isn’t about you, or that other person necessarily, but about the bigger picture. About faith, truth, understanding, courage and sacrifice.

Day 1 of the book, and I am already wanting to read straight through. I am going to restrain myself though. I am going to work through the process that Ms. Freeman has laid out, through her own trials. I am going to have faith and trust in something bigger than myself. I think the greatest part so far is the notes. She provides an opportunity to jot down thoughts, challenges, a prayer and what we are grateful for each day. I did this…and will now give you my responses.


  Thoughts for the day: Scattered. Interested in starting this book-knowing my own personal issues w/religion aka God. I have been trying to decide where to go w/my feelings. This book showed up at a very opportune time…intriguing, right?

  Plans for today: Organize Twitter and Facebook. Focus more on future ideas/leadership plans

  Challenges for today: Potty training Tiffany (kitty). Distractions (self-inflicted mostly.)

  Prayer for today: To become stronger w/in myself to be better for my family

  Today, I am grateful for: My life, my son, Joy…the sunshine that makes me believe good is out there.

I am excited for the journey, and thank Ms. Freeman for her openness and vulnerability and trust. While I may not post something everyday about this journey, I will update from time to time.

“Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life.” – Chris Guillebeau


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