Strength or weakness…you choose!


  I was rolling through Facebook and Twitter, just kind of really browsing. I wasn’t in any type of search mode nor was I trying to reach any goal. But, I ran across a great question from Debbie Thompson-Groupability:

“Focus on your strengths or build up your weaknesses? What’s your vote?”

  I immediately thought, WOW! What would my answer be? Can I even give an answer specifically, because I naturally want to integrate everything and say you can’t have one without the other and things like that. I feel, personally, many of my greatest strengths are my weaknesses. So, again, how do you choose? Maybe it is a trick question? I finally decided, initially, that I would focus on my strengths, knowing that through that process I will learn to harness them properly and not cross the fine line of having that strength become my weakness. That is a basic answer and seriously general, since not all strengths are weaknesses. There are autonomous weaknesses that threaten certain strengths and also strengths to mitigate our weaknesses.

  That being said, I go back to my first instinct, that it all ties in together. I attached the Yin-Yang because with everything in life, there has to be a balance. If I focus on my strengths only, then I fail to grow, develop and diversify through avoiding the build-up of my weaknesses. If that happens, I may feel very powerful and be exceptionally short-sighted in my decisions. If I choose to build-up my weaknesses, I risk being openly vulnerable as I may neglect my strengths temporarily. So, now I have decided I will build-up my weakness in order to, as I feel a leader should for others, develop.

  Development is key. Without the desire or vision to create an environment of growth, then we as leaders, have failed. My final answer then? Build-up, by all means and any means necessary. If you have a strength, I feel it will be strengthened by developing and growing through any mitigation of weakness. That is true growth. That is true strength. Knowing and admitting you have areas of improvement, and then not neglecting that area, but developing it, will only be a powerful example to others how to be a leader who is true at heart to their values and your growth, development and influence. Once you stop learning, you have stopped living.

“Through faith, honor and a strong system of values, I will be an effective leader who provides opportunity for growth, development and positive influence.”

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