Life check…are you excited!?


So, here we are starting the last month of the first quarter of 2013! Amazing how fast it truly goes, yet just mind-blowing for me how much has happened in such a relatively short time. Following is my life check…and I am thoroughly excited!

Things up to 2013 had been insanely tornadic in nature. It seemed as though anything and everything that could happen, was, and not in a great way. The negativity of job, personal and health concerns were tearing through my psyche and aggressively attempting to pull me into the abyss.  I am a self-proclaimed realist, and as such over analyze and believed that I could think through anything. I was failing. Horribly.

Toward the end of 2012 I was finding myself thinking about God, and my lack of a relationship with him since I was about 12 years old. The reasons I walked away are not for here, however, the reason I went back, is. I found myself struggling with the idea of renewing my faith and it took circumstance to thrust my mind into the rear seat, and my heart into the driver’s seat of my life. I was driving during a hurricane that had made its way up the East Coast, and as I traveled down a decline and into a right curve, I lost control of my vehicle. Completely. I will pause, so you can imagine yourself entering into a uncontrollable 360 degree skid down an incline, heading off the road and toward a ditch…

What did I do!? Nothing. I felt an overpowering calm, and let happen what will. My vehicle went off the road and as it turned it entered where the ditch was, I could hear the dirt as the wheels tried to dig in to the wet ground. I came full circle and the vehicle straightened out onto the road, in the correct direction, and shut off as it rolled into the oncoming lane. Only one vehicle was coming toward me, and they had seen the whole event. I started the vehicle and drove up to the passerby, who asked if I was OK, and after I said I was and thank you for stopping, I drove on. I thought for a second as I started to drive away and immediately turned around to see where  I had gone off the road and how in the world I did not get stuck, or worse, flip after hitting the ditch. To my amazement, my vehicle had spun onto the only area that was not a ditch, but a flat surface. I was speechless. I was amazed. I was alive and my heart knew that something bigger than me just saved me, and it woke me up.

This event was a deciding factor in me finally entering back into a relationship with God. Since renewing my faith in late 2012 and into the new year, I have felt a calm and peace I can hardly grasp. On-going work concerns simply faded away from my mind. A failed marriage and bitter custody battle became clearer and manageable. I medically began an aggressive treatment to hopefully finally eradicate an ear infection 6 years old, and I have been able to focus and see better goals. I was selected to become a member of BlackBerry Elite, a program to reward supporters of BlackBerry and something that I am very passionate toward. I have found and reconnected with my mother, who I knew nothing about until the last two months. I have grown in leaps and bounds in my development and goal to become a leadership advocate. I have found happiness and my life is now exciting and self-energizing versus depressing and destructive.

Life check? AWESOME! My attitude has completely changed. Something I now say to my son, “Attitude is everything, so have a good one!” I have been blessed in these first two months, and having just turned a year older yesterday (25 again…), I find myself looking forward to what’s next and not stressing about what else could possibly happen. I thank God for his guidance and am truly thankful to have been able to become a part of many simply superb communities; my church, the #LeadWithGiants team, the #BeALeader team, the #WeavingInfluence and #BuzzBuilder teams, and so many other groups and individuals that have helped to show me that being positive and loving is key in relationship development, and especially in my faith in God.

Bring on the rest of the year and the rest of my life! I am excited about my future, and look forward to continued friendship development and personal growth, and I am grateful to have you join me on my journey.

Through faith, honor and a strong system of values, I will be an effective leader that will provide knowledge, opportunity and positive influence to everyone.


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